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With the advent of technology mobile application development flourished all around the world that convened people to receive their needs with a few simple clicks. While food and fashion where the first to capture this technology, health care sector also stepped foot into this fast spreading ecommerce culture, and few apps got introduced for medicine delivery.

However, the need of hour was to receive complete health care solution that not only constituted of medicine delivery, but also getting lab tests conducted at patient’s facility, calling medivac services in the time of emergency, receiving surgical appliances along with paramedic facility at home, as well as getting an appointment with your doctor.

DocKnock is the first state of the art health management solution that assists you in looking after your own health effortlessly along with taking care of your loved ones wherever they may reside in Pakistan. You can now send medicines from any corner of the country - with just a few clicks of the mouse or tap on the screen.

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With a rapidly growing network of pharmacies and medical stores all over Pakistan, DocKnock provides complete health care solution at the luxury of their doorstep, within 2 hours of order;

  • Medicine and Surgical appliances delivery
  • Collection of lab test sample by the aid of lab technicians
  • Medivac and Paramedic
  • Medicine purchase reminder
  • Prescription analysis
  • Doctor’s appointment scheduling

The mobile application provides flexibility to view and check all previous purchase history and lab reports for record keeping, by registering customer and/or their patients (in case someone orders on behalf of their dependents).

Our services aren’t limited to major cities alone, even second and third tier cities and rural villages can now have access to the latest medicines. Since we also offer generic alternatives to most medicines, online buyers can expect significant savings.

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DocKnock not only bring physical convenience, but mental relaxation as well, since now the heavy traffic, lack of parking, monsoons, closed shops and even forgetfulness can be avoided by using the application or the website.

This service will essentially assist the patients having the need for continuous medicine intake, like blood pressure, diabetics, cardiac.

With an amazing in-built feature, DocKnock remembers all the medicines you ordered online and makes sure they're always available whenever needed by the patient.

Our rider delivers medicine at your doorstep

DocKnock’s inventory isn’t limited cure providing medicines but OTC products as well; wellness products, vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, herbal products, pain relievers, diabetic care kits, baby/mother care products, beauty care products and surgical supplies.

Committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable medicines as well as a customer service philosophy that is worthy of our valued customers� loyalty. DocKnock offers a superior online shopping experience, which includes ease of navigation and absolute transactional security.

The service is backed by qualified pharmacists, who go through the order, check historical records (if any) before processing an order.


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